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In lue of the Corona virus pandemic, governments of the world are urging their perspective populations to practice social distancing for the physical health and safety themselves and others, but does social distancing have risk within itself? De La Fit podcast sits down with Mind-Body-Wellness practitioner Amanda Webster, to discuss the effects of social distancing on those that suffer with mental illness and the greater population and how we can add holistic mindful practices to our social distancing  to keep ourselves physically and  mentally healthy as well. 

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De La Fit Podcast brings you the finest in what we define as, “360 Degrees of Holistic Fitness and Health all in one podcast”. Scouring the globe in search of informed Individuals from all type genres and professions for the purpose of sharing their expertise, information, message or passion with our listeners in hopes of assisting them with personal growth, progression and expansion of their spiritual, mental, physical fitness and health.

Join us every Friday, 1:00 P.M. Eastern time, 10:00 a.m. Pacific time, along with our host I.S.S.A. Master Physical Trainer SunMoon Bey, to hear who we believe to be the holistic fitness and health world’s best and brightest.

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